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Just checked out the Wikipedia page on bokashi and bokashi composting - I think it is pretty well done. Here is a short excerpt and the link if you would like to learn more. The retention of carbon in the process is one of the great benefits of fermentation composting using bokashi rather than traditional open pile or drum composting.

From Wikipedia:

Bokashi is a process that converts food waste and similar organic matter into a soil amendment which adds nutrients and improves soil texture. It differs from traditional composting methods in several respects. The most important are:

The input matter is fermented by specialist bacteria, not decomposed.The fermented matter is fed directly to field or garden soil, without requiring further time to mature.As a result virtually all input carbon, energy and nutrients enter the soil food web, having been neither emitted in greenhouse gases and heat nor leached out.The decomposing of organic matter begins after the bokashi has been added to the soil.


And here is the link:

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