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Home Depot Beverage Cooler as a Bokashi Bucket???

Shaun on the great Bokashi Composting Facebook group page posted his discovery (and others have tried as well) of using a Home Depot orange colored beverage cooler as bokashi bucket. I thought the idea was great so I bought one and made a few modifications that you can see in a funky video I made. Cut and paste this link to watch it[0]=AZWv8imBk4-enYc6yOHdWIZt7JHhKyjr1719m36c8Sy7EjWVdw0R90pu3MB6DPdMtKgQ9MBr7_51B9DoMtNqir8VhtYefxrvkTdeHGzFkdy45nGuKFz91FDPODmZagiB7Y6cPZ-WZiFiHbhHPuP98pr_9dbCVO2059WZtwCBP3vL1giFlAwcYz-ivXMxVHTNbDQ&__tn__=R]-R

I am planning to test it out and will post my results.

Thanks for checking this out.


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