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Kitty pee and pooh with no pew!!!

Check out this review of our Bokashi Brothers Bokashi on Amazon:

📷 M. Tom
April 10, 2017
Size: 2.2lb (1kg)Verified Purchase
Just today a plumber asked how many cats we have and when I told him, he was very surprised as our house does not smell like we have even one cat, much less 6! It's also much healthier for my cats. Dirty stinky litterboxes are not just dirty and stinky, they're unhealthy for your cat, too. Bokashi is made of good bacteria. The microorganisms in Bokashi are commonly called "effective microorganisms" because they are so very beneficial for so many living things - people, animals, plants,'s quite a large list of positives.
I use this stuff in my litter boxes and a little in the small trash bag when I scoop out the 'used' clumps. We have 6 cats and doing this keeps my house from smelling like used kitty litter - especially from the stinky trash can. In case you're wondering, those 'effective microorganisms' I mentioned, destroy the 'bad' bacteria that causes odors and unhealthy germs. And it keeps the house from smelling like a used litterbox. I use about 1/4 cup mixed in the litter once a week (I use a combo of 3 different all natural litter with no perfumes.)
If I had this kitty - I would name her "Killer"

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