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Great YouTube Video on Bokashi Composting

This video is very well done and shows how to do bokashi composting right. The inexpensive to bucket system works and though not as convenient as the more expensive purpose make bucket with the spigot at the bottom, they will get you started. We, of course, think Bokashi Brothers Bokashi is the best choice for this system! We endorse all of her instructions and love her section on trouble shooting. One little recommendation - we would sprinkle the bran on each layer before you smash it to get a little better distribution of the bran. Also note that the smaller you cut up the food waste the better the contact is with the beneficial microbes. Though we have never tried it - keeping the yet to added food waste in the fridge is a solid idea, especially if it sits on your counter more than a day or two. Enjoy and support the video maker.

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