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Beneficial Bacteria Factories

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

Traditional compost is a great way to add organic material as well a some good soil biology to your soil. Bokashi compost is even better and here is why. Premium bokashi like our Bokashi Brothers Bokashi is fermented in controlled conditions. During the fermentation process, billions of beneficial bacteria are produced as well as their secretions like organic acids, enzymes, vitamins etc. All of these are prebiotics which will stimulate additional positive biological action in your soil. During the drying process, the bacteria go dormant or form spores that will activate latter when conditions are right. Because the bran, especially the rice bran, is such a good substrate for the beneficial microbes each grain becomes a mini "factory" producing new beneficial microbes. Bokashi is unique this way. Although spraying compost tea or any good microbial inoculate on your garden is good - the beneficial bacteria will be short lived if they do not find a suitable food source or substrate. With bokashi compost, the substrate is built in. Work in a cup per cubic yard or about 2 lbs per 10 square feet of garden and get those beneficial biology factories up and running!

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