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Bokashi Brothers Bokashi

Fermented Compost Concentrate  and Compost Starter


For 12 good years we have been making great Bokashi under our own brand and for some years making  SCD's brand as well, The news is that now Bokashi Brothers Bokashi is owned and produced by DrJimZ.  Jim Zamzow is a pioneer in the natural plant and animal health movement and makes a range of excellent natural products including Thrive fertilizer and Chicken Soup for the Soil which is unique and truly amazing in the plant nutrient world.  We are so pleased to have sold our business to someone who is dedicated to improving soils and food that we eat from that soil. It is a natural fit.   Look for improvements to Bokashi Brothers Bokashi and check out for ways to order.  Note: During the transition, Amazon will be handling fulfillment.  Thanks to all for being customers and Bokashi ON!  PS -I am turning 73 this year, so it is time to retire! 

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More About Us

Bokashi Brothers is a classic “micro” business and just the two of us with a little occasional help, mix, ferment, dry, sort and bag every kilogram of Bokashi Brothers Bokashi.  We have hand-built all of the equipment we use to make our Bokashi and we personally see to every batch.  When you buy our product you are supporting the smallest of businesses and we thank you.

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310 E Watertower St

Meridian, Idaho 83642


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