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Spa Biotic starter kit.

Spa Biotic starter kit.


An all-natural and chemical-free covered hot tub treatment that will make your hot tub your happy place.  Spa Biotic uses beneficial microbes and the enzymes they produce to keep your spa clear and so enjoyable.  If the chemicals make you dry and itchy and if you are tired of chasing pH and alkalinity and total hardnes etc, etc. then give Spa Biotic a try.  You already know what the good bacteria can do - well they can do it for your hot tub as well. 

  • Use Instructions

    Instructions for use:

    AAG Biotics’ “Spa Biotic” probiotic natural spa treatment and natural eco-system-based spa maintenance system.


    Many people find the typical method of chemical sanitization of their covered hot tub or spa to be time-consuming and harsh on their bodies. For purposes of clarification, we will use the term, “spa” to reference covered above-ground hot tubs as well as in-ground spas.  Our Spa Biotic ™ is a completely different approach to spa treatment and maintenance.  It is more natural and leads to more enjoyment of your spa with much less fuss and expense.  It creates an ecosystem in your spa water similar to the ecosystem you would experience in a healthy, natural spring, pond or lake.  Instead of “sterilizing” the spa with harsh chemicals like chlorine, our treatment establishes a healthy ecosystem of beneficial microbes which works synergistically to produce a balanced environment in which you can relax and soak.  Once established, the effort required to maintain this environment is minimal and much less expensive than chemical treatments.


    ¨ This system is for use only in covered spas.  Use in uncovered spas will result in uncontrolled algae growth due to exposure to light.

    ¨ The spa must be thoroughly cleaned and very thoroughly rinsed. The installation of new filter(s)) is a must for new users and recommended each time the water is changed and the spa cleaned.

    ¨ No chemicals or other products should be used with this Spa Biotic™ other than the optional salt(s) recommended below.

    ¨ Your spa will not be “sanitized” and will be full of living microbes similar to a natural hot spring, lake or pond.  This, of course, means that this treatment will not meet public health standards for sanitized water.


    ¨ You will know that all is in balance when the spa water is clear and smells natural and good.  There will be some light brown biological accumulation on the filters but there should be no dark, heavy mold growth.  The water may take on a slight amber color over time from the dark color of the product.

    ¨ You may experience some “slickness” on the surface of the spa but it should be very light.  Also, an occasional light brown bio-film may appear on surfaces which can be easily brushed off.

    ¨ You will need to clean, drain and replace the filter at least once per year.  You can use a sanitizer or some other chemical spa cleaner before draining – just be sure to rinse thoroughly before refilling.

    How To Use:

    1. Start with a very clean and absolutely chlorine-free (sanitizer-free) spa.  If you have been using the traditional chemical treatments, drain, scrub and rinse the spa. Rinse a second time.

    2. Buy new filters for the first use.  We then recommend that you drain and clean the spa at least once per year and we recommend you install new filters each time.

    3. Fill your spa with good clean water.  If your tap water is highly chlorinated, you must wait a day before adding the beneficial microbes in Spa Biotic™.  Running the jets with full aeration will help gas off the chlorine.   Note:  You can use carbon-filtered water as it will not contain chlorine if the carbon filter is still active (new enough).

    4. Optional but recommended:  Add ¼ to 1 pound of salt for each 25 gallons of water.  You can use table salt, water-softener salt or the salt sold by pool supply stores.  Any clean NaCl will do.   You may also add Epsom salts as well.

    5. When the water is chlorine-free, remove all the filters.  Add 3 tablespoons of Spa Biotic™ to 1 quart of chlorine-free water in a pan large enough to allow you to lay the filter on its side. Rotate the filter through the treated water.  This establishes the beneficial microbe population on the filter medium and is critical to the overall success of this program. Repeat this for each filter.

    6. Reinstall the filters and turn on the spa.  Add one tablespoon of Spa Biotic™ directly into the water of a small spa, two for a large spa.

    7. Fill the misting spray bottle (included) with Spa Biotic ™ and spray the surface of the water with three to four pumps for a small spa, six to eight pumps for a larger unit (four persons plus). Repeat this spray every time you use the spa.  Double the treatment if you notice extra foaming or if you detect any extra odors.  Remember the spa will not smell like chlorine and will have a more natural biological odor but it should not be excessive or foul.  Watch for cloudiness or slight odors in the first few days.  If present, turn of the spa, lift out the filter(s) and mist them with 10 pumps then reinstall.

    8. We recommend you leave the air-control slightly open when you leave the spa so that some aeration occurs when the system’s pump is on.

    9. No other treatment is necessary or recommended.  You do not need to monitor the pH, alkalinity etc. because the microbes will keep the system balanced to support their life.  These microbes are probiotic and naturally suppress pathogens and other toxins. (See Important Note below.) 

    10. Drain, clean and start over at your discretion.  Use your good judgment – if the system gets out of balance then start over.  Do not use the spa if you don’t think things are right.

    11. For convenience, and if there is a spot for it, you can keep the misting spray bottle in your spa – mine lays on top the filter intake housing.

    12. Store the product out of direct sunlight, keep air-tight and prevent from freezing.  Spa Biotic™ does have a shelf life.  We recommend pouring unused product down the drain and replacing once per year.

    Note:  Very Important !


    This is a natural living way to treat and maintain a spa.  It is not a sanitizer and your spa will be full of beneficial microbes.  However, the possibility of pathogen growth exists and though much research has shown our probiotic microbes suppress and even kill these pathogens, we cannot guarantee that your spa will be pathogen-free.  So, you must use this product at your own risk.  We can tell you that we and a few of our beta testing customers have used this system in our own spas for over 5 years now and have had great results.




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