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Bokashi Brothers Bokashi, 1KG (2.2 lb) bag.

Bokashi Brothers Bokashi, 1KG (2.2 lb) bag.


Bokashi has many uses from composting to odor control.  The billions of beneficial microbes in our Bokashi work to “ferment”*  your food waste in your indoor composter and then help to finish the compost in your garden or in a outdoor traditional pile.  Recycle the nutrients  in your food scraps by feeding them to your soil, not the landfill!  *Fermentation is anaerobic (without oxygen) and has been shown to retain more nutrients and carbon than traditional composting


    Bokashi has a pretty wide definition but basically it refers to “fermented organic material” and it originated in Japan.   The organic material (in our case, rice bran and what is called “mill run” from the production of wheat) is first fermented under controlled conditions and then dried and packaged for use.   Fermentation is described in Wikipedia as follows:

    Fermentation is a metabolic process that produces chemical changes in organic substrates through the action of enzymes. In biochemistry, it is narrowly defined as the extraction of energy from carbohydrates in the absence of oxygen. In the context of food production, it may more broadly refer to any process in which the activity of microorganisms brings about a desirable change to a foodstuff or beverage.[1] The science of fermentation is known as zymology.

    In microorganisms, fermentation is the primary means of producing ATP by the degradation of organic nutrients anaerobically Humans have used fermentation to produce foodstuffs and beverages since the Neolithic age. For example, fermentation is used for preservation in a process that produces lactic acid found in such sour foods as pickled cucumbers, kimchi, and yogurt, as well as for producing alcoholic beverages such as wine and beer. Fermentation occurs within the gastrointestinal tracts of all animals, including human.

    In other words, if you add some good fermenting microbes to a food stuff, keep the air out and the conditions right, you produce good things like yogurt and beer!  In our case we produce good things for your soil – it is like yogurt for dirt!

    We use top quality starter cultures from SCD Probiotics out of Kansas City and locally sourced rice and wheat bran we than add extra ingredients to compliment the process.  We mix, pack, seal, ferment, dry, sort and then package our Bokashi Brothers Bokashi for you to conveniently use as a compost starter or as a finished bokashi compost ready to add to your soil.


    We want you to be happy with your purchase.  If for any reason you are not, contact us for a full refund.


    We pay the shipping to 49 States excluding Alaska and Hawaii.  We choose the method that is most economical.  Let us know if UPS or USPS will not deliver to your address.

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